• Good morning from Spain.

    My name is Guillermo Cruz. I have been a collector of vw beetle in scale 1 18 for a few years.

    I finally decided to participate in this forum.

    I present some photographs of my collection. At the moment I try to make a list with all the models that I have, marks, references etc.

    I hope to help and also I can solve some doubts about different models.

    Best regards.


  • Hello Guillermo, :winken:

    I am happy that you have decided to be an acitve member. :freu:Your 300 1:18 scale models look fantastic. :top: I hope you also show us close-ups. :cam2:I have changed the language of the forum software from German to English in your profile. I hope that this should simplify the operation of the software for you. :denk:

    Welcome as a member of the "KM Supporter"-Group. :welcome1:

    Best regards

    Nicki :blume:

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  • Hello Guillermo!

    Welcome here!!!

    Wow, what a great Collection!!! :top::top::top: You have all black Revell Specials, haven´t you? :eek::eek::eek:

    I´m a 1:18 collector, too but I "only" have about 230 models... :lol:

  • Nice to have you here Guillermo. A very nice first impression of your collection.

    Have Fun:winken::kaefermodelle:

    Gruß Holmer :jo:


    "Von Zeit zu Zeit muß man sich auch vom Nichtstun erholen" Jean Cocteau 1889-1963

  • Hi from Spain.

    Thanks to everybody for the welcome.

    I had been watching your forum for years. Now I have decided to participate.

    At last now I have space to expose them. For many years my models have been kept in storage rooms.

    I'll try to keep up with the issues.

    I was just going to send some photos of the Revell special models.

    I am missing one (there really are 7 different ones). I miss the Sinsheim model.

    Upload photos tagged with "Revell 1302.

    Best Regards.

  • Hi Nicki

    Most are original (95%). But there are also some modifications. I bought them out of ignorance, and some because I really liked them. There are some models that are still doubtful to me. I hope I can get your opinion about them.

    Best Regards.