VW Käfer von Bburago in 1:18

  • Excuse me. I´m not totally up to date on the issues discussed above in the forum.

    Do you know this Muhkuh model based on Bburago?

  • I also think that it´s not an original model from Bburago. It´s not a brand that makes such specific models. Another case would be the brand Solido. (here you can find surprises).

    The number doesn´t correspond to the cars of that year. There are other miniatures at different scales that have the correct number 262,263 etc.

    What is strange, and I think Sven also observed it, is that it´s not a unique model. Several were made. It could be a private seller.

    It will remain a mystery.

  • The seller of the Bburago like yours had also sold a yellow and a bright blue "Panamericana"-Beetle. So I think that he was the one who created these models... :denk: